Language hierarchy and inheritance in Drupal 7

bogdan on Fri, Jan 10, 14

Interesting use case for multilingual content editing emerged for one of our clients: Their content editors work on gigantic material of translated and localised content. For Spanish speaking countries they've got over 20 localised versions of the site with some content shared and some content specifically localised. The same pattern reappears for other multinational languages, like English, French and German.

Drupal 7 automated builds recipe

bogdan on Sat, Oct 5, 13
Cook your installation profile together with Drush make file for couple of hours, until it's soft and succulent. Add in your Phing script, Vagrant file and put to rest overnight in a Git repository of choice. Once rested stir with your Jenkins automation script, add in required Phing configuration file and put away to cool down in one of your AWS machines. Serve cold.